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Does Resin Bound Last?

As long as all contributing factors are addressed properly, the lifespan of a resin bound driveway is second to none!

Cracks, Fading and Loose Stones

You may have heard stories of resin driveways cracking and losing colour less than a year after it being laid. Fortunately, we can put your mind at rest and tell you that this will only happen if corners are cut and correct practice isn't maintained throughout the installation.

Common causes for resin bound failing:

+ Incorrect or Unsuitable Base

The structural integrity of resin bound a highly dependant on the quality and strength of the base being used. At Resinators we follow a tried and trusted preparation process to ensure the base is structurally sound

+ Poor Quality Resin

Using sub standard or cheap resin is never a good idea, even if you are trying to keep costs down. We only use the highest quality UV resistant resin (BBA Approved). By doing this we ensure that the strength is there and we also eliminate the worries of colour fading.

+ Inexperienced Installers

We have over 15 years experience and have laid over 150,000sqm of resin, so.... we know what we're doing! We ensure we lay at a minimum depth of 18mm-20mm.

+ Weather Conditions

Rain, frost, temperature and humidity all play a part when installing resin bound. In order to achieve the best outcome we always wait for a clear day above 5 degrees.

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