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Is Resin Bound Permeable?

Yes! Resin Bound Paving is one of the most permeable paving solutions available on today's market. This means: NO PUDDLES, NO DRAINAGE & NO PLANNING PERMISSION!

What Makes Resin Permeable?

Resin Bound is essentially crushed aggregate coated with a resin glue. Once the product has been troweled and the resin has cured you are left with a flat, smooth finish. The finish product has small gaps between the pieces of aggregate which allows water to pass through unobstructed meaning no more puddles!

Getting The Base Right

Let's be honest, if you're paying for a permeable paving solution you're going to want to get exactly that! The ideal scenario in most cases is to be able to overlay the existing driveway with resin bound, however, this is rarely possible without needing extra drainage. To avoid extra drainage and the need for planning permission, the base needs to be permeable itself.

There are a couple of permeable options out there to achieve this. Resinators uses a pervious concrete mix, which is durable and flexible for all different areas.

We have been using this method for many years and have never had any issues with strength or base integrity.

Get In touch With Us

If you'd like to know whether your existing base would be suitable or would like to enquire about getting a quote then please feel free to contact us on 08007999156 or email us at

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